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2020 USIHC Officers and Committee Chairs

Each January, the Board of Directors assigns officers and chairs according to USIHC Policies and Procedures. USIHC programs are organized by committees and all committee members, including the chairs, are volunteers. USIHC members can join a committee by contacting the chairperson.

The USIHC Officers and Committee Chairs for 2020 are as follows:


Will Covert, President, Sport Committee Chair and Education Committee Co-Chair

Lori Cretney, Vice President 

Kari Pietsch-Wangard, Treasurer and Education Committee Co-Chair

Martin Nielsen, Secretary 

Leslie Chambers, Affiliated Clubs Committee Chair and Quarterly Committee Liaison

Emily Potts, Promotion Committee Chair 

Janet Mulder, Leisure Committee Chair 

Virginia Lauridsen, Breeding Committee Chair

Lucy Nold, Youth Committee Chair


Nancy Marie Brown, Quarterly Committee Co-Chair

Nicki Esdorn, Quarterly Committee Co-Chair