Lifetime Achievement Medals

The USIHC Lifetime Achievement Medals are awarded to individuals and horses who achieve certain success benchmarks throughout their competition career in sport. 

Similar to established programs in dressage and working equitation, the Lifetime Achievement Medals recognize and reward overall progress and consistent dedication over the course of a participant's competitive journey.

For all medals, applicants must submit six qualifying preliminary round scores. If a contributing competition has fewer than three judges, the same judge or exact same judge combination cannot contribute to more than three qualifying scores, except in cases when that judge or combination of judges are part of a team of four or five judges. Scores submitted must be from US shows or from international competitions where horse or rider competed as a representative of the United States, such as the FEIF Youth Cup and the World Championships. Horses and riders could receive medals in Tolt, Loose Rein Tolt, Five Gait and Four Gait. 

The cost of the application processing and medal is $40. Previous medals can also be purchased at the same time for $30/medal.


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Medals and Qualifying Scores

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